Brian Cawthon, AMF Capital

Brian Cawthon, AMF Capital

Brian Cawthon joined AMF Capital in July 2016.

Mr. Cawthon began his position with AMF Capital as an analyst after interning with the team in 2014-2015.  He provides a preliminary review of a client’s loan request; including review of cash flow, operations and management of collateral real estate. He collects all available relevant data from the loan originators and pursues supplemental information from outside sources.  He reviews and analyzes the details of a proposed transaction (i.e. interpreting leases and agreements; procuring copies of property taxes, ownership history, zoning and flood information, entity documentation, rent rolls, operating history, etc.).  He helps the team to identify trends and details that may require further attention and helps to create a presentation that best defines the desired outcome.  He works in tandem with our originators in pursuing Lending options on behalf of the Client.

Mr. Cawthon also partners in our underwriting process by building due diligence packages on behalf of our clients in order to streamline their involvement. While he works openly with our originating and underwriting team is highly conscious of proprietary information and keeps a close guard on the confidentiality of our clients and information supplied.

Prior to entry into real estate financing, Mr. Cawthon pursued several careers ranging from military service, management positions in other fields and coordinating commercial logistics.

Mr. Cawthon hails from West Virginia, has lived in Maine for over a decade and now resides in Oregon. He enjoys golf and travel.

For more information, please contact:

Brian Cawthon
Lead Analyst
Asset Mortgage and Finance
O: (503) 419-6265   C: (330) 386-0251