AMF Capital increases Commercial Loan success

How does AMF Capital increase your loan success?

  • We manage and coordinate: the title companies’ escrow agent and title officer.
  • We manage and coordinate: the lender’s representatives; including the analyst, the underwriter, credit staff, processors and closers.
  • We manage and coordinate: the appraiser, the site inspectors and property managers.
  • We manage and coordinate: the legal councils, the CPAs and financial advisors.
  • We manage and coordinate: when applicable, the buyers’ agents, the sellers’ agents, the buyer and seller.
  • By managing the logistics of a transaction, our Clients can be assured we have their best interest at the center of the project and commit to be successful!
  • We commit to you and your project!
  • We commit to your success!
  • We commit to honest and open communication!
  • We commit to focus on achieving your objectives!
  • We commit to ethical, honest professionalism!
  • We advocate the Client’s preferences and concerns in all aspects of the Lending negotiations.